Tuesday, January 29, 2008

CMS Cares About Its Image

Charlotte Mecklenburg Schools is dedicated to its image. That is why they refuse to clean, fix and update this restroom, it is simply behind the scenes. The restroom is the only restroom that students were free to use on the lowest floor of NorthWest School of The Arts. The NWSA restroom was cleaned by a labor force called the costume design and apparel development class. The students who were enrolled to learn about clothing design (a class of mainly upperclassmen girls) were forced to come clean during class time, and Saturdays, for a grade. The class pealed filthy band aids off the men's bathroom's floor and poked at other types of protective skin guards... After spending a few months cleaning the grime from the sticky floor and scrubbing the toilets the restroom was ready for use. Months more of neglect took its toll as janitors and administrators ignored the growing problem. Currently, students must be late to class and relieve themselves from a different floor. The restroom is a culture of urine and the unknown. It is completely ignored by CMS and it continues to look like a restroom from a horror movie.